William F. Boudreau

William F. Boudreau (1914-2001) worked on the Manhattan Project at Columbia University.

Boudreau was born in Columbus, Ohio. He spent much of his childhood living in Geneva, Switzerland. His father, Frank Boudreau, worked for the Health Division of the League of Nations.

William Boudreau earned an undergraduate degree from Case Institute of Technology and a master's in chemistry from MIT. In 1943, he joined the Manhattan Project at Columbia University. After World War II, Boudreau and his family settled in Oak Ridge, where he worked as an engineer for Union Carbide. His wife, Eleanor Boudreau, was a nurse at Oak Ridge.

Boudreau later worked for the York Division of the Borg-Warner Corporation before returning to Union Carbide's Nuclear Division in 1975. He died in Mesa, Arizona on January 2, 2001, at the age of 86.

For more on William F. Boudreau, see this obituary. To watch AHF's interview with his son-in-law, Gordon Garrett, click here.

William F. Boudreau's Timeline

  • 1914 Born in Columbus, Ohio.
  • 1943 Joined the Manhattan Project at Columbia University.
  • 1946 Moved to Oak Ridge.

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