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Paul Aebersold

Paul Aebersold (1910-1967) was a nuclear physicist. He wrote his dissertation at Berkeley on "The Collimation of Fast Neutrons" and was involved in the development of the cyclotrons under Ernest Lawrence. 

In 1942, he became a special assistant to Lawrence, and was tasked with adminstering the growth of the Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley. In 1943, he served as head of the Information Division of the Rad Lab. In 1944 he transferred to Oak Ridge, where he was a member of the esearch Control Division of the District Engineer's Office. In June 1945, he was sent to Los Alamos to conduct radiation measurements and health research before and after the Trinity test.

After the war, Aebersold remained at Oak Ridge. He was a pioneer in the radioistopes work there, retiring as the Director of the Division of Isotopes Development.

Paul Aebersold's Timeline

  • 1910 Jul 7th Born in Fresno, CA.
  • 1932 Received his BA in Physics from Stanford.
  • 1939 Received his PhD in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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