1992 to Present: After the Cold War

1992 to Present: After the Cold War

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Bush and Gorbachev

May 28, 1998

Pakistan detonates its first nuclear weapons in response to India's nuclear tests two weeks earlier. The move provoked worldwide condemnation and fears of a nuclear conflict in one of the world's most volatile regions.

May 11, 1998

India detonates its first "weaponized" nuclear bombs. It is the first time India has carried out such tests since 1974. The experiments took place without any warning to the international community, and there was widespread outrage and concern over the tests.

September 23, 1992

The U.S. conducted its last nuclear test, code named Divider, at an underground facility in Nevada. It was the last of the 1,032 nuclear tests carried out by the United States since The Trinity Test 47 years earlier.