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An Uncommon Event: Crawford Greenewalt at the Hagley

An Uncommon Event: Crawford Greenewalt at the Hagley

Crawford H. Greenewalt

On Thursday, November 12, 2008, the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, DE hosted an inaugural showing of the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s recently completed a film, The Uncommon Man: Crawford H. Greenewalt.  Hagley Director Geoff Halfpenny warmly welcomed Cindy Kelly, President of the Atomic Heritage Foundation, at a special showing of the film at the Hagley Library in the afternoon and a public event at the Soda House auditorium in the evening. 

Many of the film’s “stars” were at the afternoon gathering including Irénée du Pont, brother-in-law to Crawford Greenewalt, Richard Heckert, former CEO of du Pont, and Nancy Greenewalt Frederick, Greenewalt’s daughter. In addition, Manhattan Project veterans Harry Kamack and Watson Warriner who both worked for Du Pont were there. Two other Manhattan Project veterans, C.K. Nicholson and Glen Barbaras, were at the evening event. At both events, the film was extremely well received. Many remembered Crawford Greenewalt and commented on how well the film captured his accomplishments and personality. 

Greenewalt made extraordinary contributions to science, industry and society. After graduating from MIT in 1922, he quickly rose as a chemical engineer in DuPont, During the Manhattan Project, he was the liaison with Enrico Fermi and the scientists at the Met Lab in Chicago for Du Pont and oversaw the construction and operation at Hanford. Right after the war, Greenewalt became president of the Du Pont (1946–1962). 

Despite a demanding professional life, Greenewalt still found time to spend with his family and pursue a variety of hobbies, including the study of hummingbirds.  At the time of his death in 1993, he had photographed more hummingbirds, and more different species, than any man in history. The film utilizes extensive footage from Greenewalt and DuPont family movies, including of the hummingbirds, and features interviews with many of Crawford’s friends, peers and family members.  

You may order a copy of The Uncommon Man on our online or by calling 202-293-0045.  The sales price is $19.95 plus shipping.