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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017 cover

Annual Report 2017 cover

    Annual Report 2017

    • The "Voices of the Manhattan Project" website reaching 500 interviews
    • New "Ranger in Your Pocket" programs on the Hans Bethe House at Los Alamos, the University of Chicago's Metallurgical Laboratory, Los Alamos Innovations, and Oak Ridge
    • Updates on the three sites of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park (Oak Ridge, TN, Hanford, WA, and Los Alamos, NM)
    • Events on Hispano and Native American experiences of the Manhattan Project and the 75th anniversary of Chicago Pile-1


    Annual Report 2016

    Annual Report 2016

    Annual Report 2016

    • The Manhattan Project National Historical Park made progress; Kris Kirby took charge as the new superintendent
    • "Ranger in Your Pocket" program "Know Before You Go" at Hanford launched; program on the Bethe House at Los Alamos to be launched in March 2017
    • AHF met with Manhattan Project veterans who participated on Honor Flight programs
    • New history articles published on AHF website on a wide variety of topics


    Annual Report 2015

    Annual Report 2015

    • Manhattan Project National Historical Park officially established
    • AHF meets with Japanese officials
    • "Ranger in Your Pocket" programs on Hanford's Pioneers and Los Alamos launched
    • AHF hosts Manhattan Project 70th anniversary events



    2014 Annual Report

    Annual Report 2014

    • Congress passed Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act
    • AHF made significant progress adding dozens of interviews from the AHF, Groueff, Sanger, and Rhodes Collection to the "Voices of the Manhattan Project" website
    • AHF launched a new website and "Ranger in Your Pocket" programs for Hanford and Manhattan Project innovations
    • The WGN America television show "Manhattan" boosted public interest in the history of the Manhattan Project



    Annual Report 2013

    • Bestselling author Denise Kiernan joined AHF's board of directors
    • Crystal Trust awarded AHF $250,000 to digitize the Groueff, Rhodes, and Sanger oral history collections
    • AHF collaborated with the Carnegie Corporation of New York to create a HistoryPin website of key Manhattan Project sites in New York City
    • AHF held a workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation, to bring together key museum and history experts to discuss how to interpret the Manhattan Project in exhibits, programs and media



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2012 Annual Report

    Annual Report 2012

    • The 112th Congress introducing the Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act
    • Launch of a new oral history website, "Voices of the Manhattan Project"
    • Release of second editions of guides to the Manhattan Project in Manhattan and New Mexico
    • AHF work on new exhibits for the B Reactor
    • AHF awarded a National Science Foundation grant



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2011 Annual Report

    Annual Report 2011

    • The Department of Interior transmitted to Congress recommendations for a Manhattan Project National Historical Park
    • AHF releases guides to the Manhattan Project in Tennessee and Washington
    • AHF revamps website
    • New oral histories conducted
    • 2011 New Mexico Teachers' Workshop



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2010 Annual Report

    Annual Report 2010

    • Updates on preservation efforts at K-25 building in Oak Ridge, TN
    • Release of "A Guide to Manhattan Project Sites in New Mexico" 
    • Updates on legislation for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park
    • 2010 New Mexico Teachers' Workshop
    • Cindy Kelly featured on C-Span



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2009 Annual ReportAnnual Report 2009

    • Wendover's Enola Gay Hangar
    • Revisiting Reykjavik Conference 
    • AHF Events across the country 
    • 2009 New Mexico Teachers' Workshop
    • Website and New Books



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2008 Annual Report

    Annual Report 2008

    • Hanford B Reactor Exhibits 
    • The Manhattan Project Anthology 
    • AHF Events across the country
    • General Groves Day 
    • Secret City Festival 2008



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2007 Annual Report

    Annual Report 2007 

    • Hanford B Reactor Exhibits
    • The Manhattan Project Anthology
    • V Site dedication at Los Alamos 
    • National Traveling Exhibition
    • Website and Films 



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2006 Annual ReportAnnual Report 2006 

    • Continuing Mission of MPHPA
    • National Traveling Exhibit 
    • Preserving the Legacy of Los Alamos
    • Crawford Greenewalt Film 
    • "Atomic Restoration"



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2005 Annual ReportAnnual Report 2005

    • Race for Atomic Power Exhibit 
    • Spreading the Wealth
    • Unveiling Secrecy 
    • Which Way to a Manhattan Project Site?



    Atomic Heritage Foundation 2004 Annual ReportAnnual Report 2004

    • Our Mission: Why it Matters
    • Report to the Department of Energy 
    • Congressional Grant Award
    • Our Major Projects