Marjorie Hall Bradner

Marjorie Hall Bradner was a secretary at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. She was also the wife of Los Alamos physicist, Hugh Bradner

At Los Alamos, Marjorie served as a secretary for J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Los Alamos site.

Marjorie and Hugh married in 1943. According to Marjorie, it was love at first site: 'Hugh was the first person I met when I came through. I walked in Dorothy McKibben's Santa Fe office, and this good-looking guy said, 'Come in,' and I fell for him.' McKibben helped play matchmaker and ultimately hosted their wedding at her Los Alamos house.

Captured on Hugh Bradner's home movies, the wedding featured Priscilla Greene Duffield as maid of honor, Henry Barnett as the best man, and Oppenheimer as the stand-in father of the bride.To watch Bradner's home movies, click here.

The Bradner were married for sixty-five years and had one daughter, Bari. 

At the age of eighty-nine, she died on April 10, 2008 in California.

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