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The Atomic Heritage Foundation

The Atomic Heritage Foundation [1], founded by Cynthia Kelly in 2002, is a dynamic nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Age and its legacy. The Foundation's goal is to provide the public not only a better understanding of the past but also a basis for addressing scientific, technical, political, social and ethical issues of the 21st century. AHF works with Congress, the Department of Energy, National Park Service, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations and the former Manhattan Project communities to preserve and interpret historic sites and develop useful and accessible educational materials for veterans, teachers, and the general public.

This Wiki site is designed to enhance the Atomic Heritage Foundation's efforts by facilitating collaboration with scholars, authors, government officials, veterans and their relatives, teachers, students, history buffs and other individuals interested in the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Age and its legacy. The initial project invites social studies, science and multidisciplinary teachers to provide input on ways to teach the history of the Manhattan Project and core scientific, political, social and ethical issues to elementary to high school students.

The Atomic Wiki was developed thanks to a generous grant from Clay and Dorothy Perkins.

We hope that you find this Wiki useful. For feedback, please email us at info@atomicheritage.org or visit AHF's website[2]. We also manage a website featuring oral histories of Manhattan Project Veterans, "Voices of the Manhattan Project"[3].

Manhattan Project History

The V-Site at Los Alamos, NM, where scientists assembled the "Gadget" bomb used in The Trinity Test

Our Manhattan Project History section includes information on Atomic Science, The Scientists behind the Manhattan Project, Women Pioneers in Nuclear Science, Secrecy and Espionage, Accidents during the Manhattan Project, The Debate over the Bomb, Atomic Timeline, Manhattan Project Glossary, and much more.

Educational Resources

These resources are meant to help teachers drawing up lesson plans on Manhattan Project history and its legacy and students interested in writing a paper or making a presentation on various related topics.

For Teachers:

Individual lesson plans on the Wiki, sorted by subject and grade level. Includes background information on the topics covered.

For Students:

A list of topics that would serve as interesting topics for a research paper.

An introduction to the role and use of primary documents in research.

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