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Please check out our Atomic Wiki for historical information regarding the Manhattan Project. 

Featured below is a short selection of the resources on the site. For much more, please visit the Atomic Wiki.

The Atomic Wiki was developed thanks to a generous grant from Clay and Dorothy Perkins.


Manhattan Project HistoryTrinity-Oppie 4 

Initial Government Support (1939-1942)   

Beginnings of the Manhattan Project (1942)

Birth of the Bomb

Manhattan Project Glossary

Accidents in the Manhattan Project


 The Bombsalt

Fat Man and Little Boy Bombs

Dropping the Bomb



509th Composite Group


Atomic HistoryMike Test

Atomic Timeline

Atomic Science

Nuclear Medicine

Safety Monitoring Equipment





Who Was Involved in the Manhattan Project?

Manhattan Project SitesWoolworth bldg nov2005d Wikimedia Commons small

Hanford, WA

Cold War Historyalt

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