The Manhattan Project Guidebook Series
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The Manhattan Project Guidebook Series

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The Atomic Heritage Foundation is proud to announce the publication of the Manhattan Project Guidebook Series, exploring the history of Manhattan Project sites in New Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, and Manhattan. These four colorful guides are perfect companion guides to the future Manhattan Project National Historical Park and a great introduction to the local and state history of the Manhattan Project in each state for the public. 

A Guide to the Manhattan Project in New Mexico discusses New Mexico’s geography, why Oppenheimer chose to locate his team of scientists on the remote mesas of Los Alamos, and the espionage that gave the Soviet Union a jump start in the nuclear arms race.

A Guide to the Manhattan Project in Tennessee explores the social and labor history of Oak Ridge, TN, outlines the role that various production plants served in contributing to the bomb effort, and illustrates daily life in the Secret City. Full of color photographs, quotations, historical excerpts and summaries, the guidebook captures the spirit of the wartime mission and brings to life Oak Ridgers who worked on the Manhattan Project.

A Guide to the Manhattan Project in Washington State details key places and events during the Manhattan Project, and profile notable production facilities - such as the B-Reactor and T-Plant - that were crucial in the design in the bomb. 

A Guide to the Manhattan Project in Manhattan gives a full-color, in depth look at ten sites that figured in the unfolding of the Manhattan Project, from the science halls of Columbia University to warehouses where uranium was stored. A surprising number of New York City offices, laboratories, and warehouses were involved in the top-secret project. While these New York City sites remain largely unmarked and unknown, they were a small but crucial part of the success of the Manhattan Project, and deserve to remembered.

We also have produced several other books and pamphlets, including a highly regarded anthology, The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb in the Words of Its Creators, Eyewitnesses, and Historians, as well as documentary films on the Manhattan Project and its legacy.

To obtain a copy of our guidebooks or other publications and multimedia, please visit our store or order through If you have any trouble completing our online orders, please call us at 202-293-0045.


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