A Great Work of Collaboration
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A Great Work of Collaboration

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NYT reporter William L. Laurence, an unknown man, and Phil MorrisonNYT reporter William L. Laurence, an unknown man, and Phil MorrisonAs Richard Rhodes wrote in his introduction to our anthology, the Manhattan Project was a great work of human collaboration, epic in scope that transformed science, history and society. For more than ten years, the Atomic Heritage Foundation has been working to preserve and interpret this history. From successfully working to preserve the V-Site at Los Alamos, to publishing several books including our anthology, The Manhattan Project, to producing interpretive exhibits, symposia and documentary films, AHF has accomplished a great deal over the past decade.

As a tax-exempt nonprofit, our budget depends upon donations from individuals. Your contribution will enable us to promote the Manhattan Project National Historical Park legislation now before the lame duck session.  We also hope to record additional oral histories and expand our new website, “Voices of the Manhattan Project,” so that it can become a central repository. In addition, we are working with colleagues at Los Alamos, NM, Hanford, WA, and Oak Ridge, TN on many other initiatives.

A full mess hall at HanfordA full mess hall at HanfordTo contribute, please donate through our online store or send a check made out to the Atomic Heritage Foundation at 910 17th Street, NW, Suite 408, Washington, DC 20006. Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Each donation of $100 will receive a “thank you” guidebook of your choice, and donations of $250 and more will receive a full set of our guidebooks to the Manhattan Project in New Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, and Manhattan.

If you're looking for stocking stuffers for the holidays, our books and films on Manhattan Project history make excellent gifts!

Preserving this history will take a great work of human collaboration. With many worthy charities asking for help, we are doubly appreciative of your contribution. Thank you very much and warmest wishes for the holidays!


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