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Primary Source

Professor Oppenheimer

Prof Takes Girl for Ride; Walks Home

J. Robert Oppenheimer, 30, associate professor of physics at the University of California, took Miss Melva [sic] Phillips, research assistant in physics living at 2730 Webster Street, for an automobile ride in the Berkeley Hills at 3 o’clock this morning.

He stopped his machine on Spruce Street at Alta Street and tucked a large robe about his passenger.

“Are you comfortable?” Prof. Oppenheimer asked.

Miss Phillips replied that she was.

“Mind if I get out and walk for a few minutes?” he queried.

Smyth Report

The story of the development of the atomic bomb by the combined efforts of many groups in the United States is a fascinating but highly technical account of an enormous enterprise. Obviously military security prevents this story from being told in full at this time. However, there is no reason why the administrative history of the Atomic Bomb Project and the basic scientific knowledge on which the several developments were based should not be available now to the general public. To this end this account by Professor H. D. Smyth is presented.